The 3 "Lucky" Sock Designs Every Ravens Fan Needs in 2015

This is the year, Ravens fans. This is the year Joe Flacco pays off that contract he signed after his first Super Bowl ring. This is the year we bring it home for Steve Smith, Sr. Pitta should be on his way back from injury and Breshad Perriman is looking like a legit Rookie of the Year candidate. And let’s not forget Justin “Steal of the Century” Forsett.

At 17/1 odds to win the Lombardi Trophy, you diehards know Baltimore is being overlooked by the pundits. Come week 7, no one is going to think they have the 7th best odds in the NFL of winning it all. We here at Boldfoot know it, so we created a few lucky socks just for Ravens fans like you:

The Steelers fan one cube over won’t stop barking on Fridays. He’s incessant. The amount of black and gold covering his desk is absurd. Not to worry, you know who will have the last laugh. Ravens fans don’t brag before the game, they politely invite the competition to dinner Monday night knowing they’ll be serving up humble pie.

Get the Jailbird in Purple + Grey >> HERE


It’s go-time. There’s no subtlety here. Some will head over to their buddy’s house to sit in the exact same dirty old barca lounger they sat February 3, 2013. Others will sit in a quiet dark room by themselves analyzing every play. Either way, grab a Natty Boh and suit up for battle.

Get the Ranger in Purple + Black >> HERE


That Steelers Fan at work isn’t barking so loud any more, now is he. Now is the time to kick your feet up on your desk, reveal the glory beneath your pant leg, and invite your cubemate to put on your vintage Ray Lewis jersey (after all, he did lose the bet).

Get the Wingman in Purple >> HERE


So wear them loud and wear them proud Ravens fans. Bleed purple until the day you die.

Individually, they’re $15/each, but just for you #RavensNation, we’ll knock 15% off if you buy 2 or more.

Just use the code: “BLEEDPURPLE