When my grandparents were growing up, they didn’t have to think twice about quality. Not only were things made to last, they were largely made here in the U.S., often just down the street from where they lived. Needless to say, times have changed. Today just 2% of all apparel sold in the U.S. was actually made on American soil (less than 1% of socks)! What’s more, clothes are designed around a concept called “planned obsolescence,” the amount of time a brand wants its products to last before they fall apart and you’re forced to replace them. That’s just wrong.

At Boldfoot, we aim to prove that “American-made” stands for something, and we’re starting from the ground up with awesome socks. Quality is our biggest priority in everything we do, and we’re proud to say that our socks are 100% American-made and sourced. The cotton is grown here and the socks are sewn here.

We’d be honored if you’d join us on the American-made bandwagon. There’s plenty of room for everyone (it’s a pretty big wagon).

All the best,


Founder, Boldfoot Socks


Premium Socks @ a Fair Price

We spent countless hours obsessing over the designs to offer great colors and patterns, abundant variety and uniqueness that you can be proud to wear. And we don't charge $20+ per pair like many other premium brands on the market. Consider it great style you can actually afford.
Grown Here. Sewn Here.​

These socks are exceptionally comfortable. Our dress socks are just a tad thicker than the typical dress sock, and they're made from 75% Supima Cotton (for comfort / great feel), 23% Nylon (for durability) and 2% spandex (for stretch). And our Athletics are engineered with the same technical yarns that brands like Nike and Under Armour use. This brand was grown here in America and the socks are sewn just outside of Charlotte, NC. We take serious pride in where we come from.
Quality You Can Count On

We stand by the quality of our socks. That said, nothing is fool-proof. So for each pair purchased, Boldfoot offers a replacement pair within 3 months should they rip, tear or develop holes, no questions asked. Just shoot us an email (hello@boldfoot.com), and we'll take care of the rest.
Giving Back to our Military Heroes

​We believe no business should exist purely for profit. With Boldfoot, you'll get great socks and do some patriotic good in the process. 5% of profits are donated to assist U.S. Military Veterans in need of jobs, housing, improved health and more (through partnerships with non-profits that are all rated 5-stars by Charity Navigator). None of us would be here without the sacrifice of our military heroes, and this is one small way we can offer to repay them.