The only thing better than owning a great pair of socks is owning the company that makes a great pair of socks.  After using Boldfoot Socks in a 100k trail race, I knew I had found the perfect sock for me.  So, instead of buying another pair, I bought the entire company.

As a son of a Vietnam veteran and a veteran myself, owning a 100% American based company like Boldfoot Socks and given back to our military heroes felt like the perfect match. We look forward to the continued support of our military brothers and sisters through our 5% give back program.

My partners and I, who just happen to be my immediate family, are excited to welcome you to the Boldfoot team. Our mission is to to always offer 100% American grown and sewn socks with quality as our highest priority.

We are proud to be “American Made” and it’s our belief that there is no substitute for quality and hard work that made, and continues to make, this country great. So, as you pull on your Boldfoot Socks, Be Bold and stride to greatness.


Boldfoot President, 

Joshua Law 

Veteran 1st Cavalry 2-7 Cav