Your Socks Are Probably Terrible. Here's Why...

Socks with Holes

We’ll just come out and say it. The vast majority of socks suck. They’re poorly constructed, they don’t hold up in the washer or dryer, and they fall apart after just a few wears. Here’s the dirty little secret though- they’re designed to fall apart quickly. Yes, you read that right. Your socks are supposed to suck.

Big sock brands account for something called “planned obsolescence” in their production cycles. In other words, they want you to have to buy socks more frequently, so they cut corners during the manufacturing process. They use lower quality materials, and they pay their employees a lower wage, which of course leaves them less likely to care about the quality of the products they make. Worst of all, these lower quality products are totally avoidable. For these big brands, it’s truly a volume game; they’re solely focused on the QUANTITY of socks they can sell.

With Boldfoot, it’s just the opposite. QUALITY is our #1 priority. We would rather charge a little more upfront so that we can offer our customers products that last. We don’t just believe in the quality of our 100% American-made supply chain, we proudly promote it every chance we get. Our goal is for 1 pair of our socks to hold up LONGER than 2 pairs of the average socks purchased from <insert generic department store>, and quite frankly, we beat that goal by a long shot. We know you work hard for your paycheck and believe you deserve good value for the things you spend it on.

That’s why we produce our socks using a blend of Nylon for durability, Spandex for stretch, and super-soft American Supima cotton for great feel (quite literally, the best cotton you can buy). At Boldfoot, we’re so proud of our products that we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If for whatever reason you’re not happy with your purchase, we’ll do whatever we can to make it right. And if we can’t make it right, we’ll refund you immediately. 

Good socks are hard to find. Trust us, we know. It’s why we started this company in the first place. 

Bradley Christmann
Bradley Christmann


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